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Boot issues

2, if the power supply is no problem, you need to ensure that TV card terminal USB port without external multimedia devices.

3, use the remote control buttons and try.  
Q1012: Why LCD touch Whiteboard can not boot?
A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, power cord socket voltage and the ground properly.
2, make sure the machine is turned rocker switch in the & ldquo; location; 1 & rdquo.
3, check the normal keys and the remote control battery is fully charged.  
Q1013: Why LCD touch Whiteboard one or more keys do not work?
A: Dear users, Hello, please check the key because if there is too much force can not bounce keys or dust can not squeeze lead role
Software issues
A: Dear users, Hello, proceed as follows:
1, wipe the dust touch around the box.
2, try to open TouchService software Reset operation performed to reposition and calibration (if the system is Win7 system, open the console Tablet PC
Options calibrated and reset).
A: Dear users, Hello, Our factory-installed Win7 system a trial version, if you want to use normal contact numbers start to purchase genuine Microsoft.
Touch issues
A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, if touch is normal.
2, if you touch the normal, open TouchService software, touch reset.  
Q3002: external PC, no touch, suggesting that & ldquo; USB device not recognized & rdquo ;.
A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, please change other USB interface connection.
2, replace the USB touch cable.
3, reinstall the system.
Sound problems
A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, check whether the external speaker wire or electromagnetic interference.
2, will own headphones plugged into the headphone jack of the computer module, listen for noise (Please note that volume adjustment, to avoid ear damage), if not, the problem is the speaker,
Need to replace external speakers.
Q4002: Why LCD touch Whiteboard no sound output?  
A: Dear users, Hello computer voice channel has two local control, please use the button to transfer large voice. See the speaker icon to adjust the sound of the lower right corner of the computer desktop. 如果還是有問題,請進行如下操作:
1, if the XP system, go to & ldquo; console & rdquo; - & gt; & ldquo; Sounds and Audio Equipment & rdquo; - & gt; & ldquo; Audio & rdquo; - & gt; & ldquo; the default device & rdquo; - & gt; & ldquo; Intel audio monitor output & rdquo ;; if it is Win7 system, since each sound card driver Win7 system is automatically detected, set as follows.
2, no sound if the built-in computer, the first detection of the speaker is normal, the USB flash drive containing the song is inserted in a USB port for connecting a switch to the multimedia channel, whether the test tone, if so, speaker is good, if not, may be a speaker or a motherboard problem.
3, if the speaker is good, generally a system problem, the system reinstall the system operation.
Network Settings
A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, wireless router is working properly.
2, there is no interference shielding around the computer.
3, WIFI antenna on the machine is loose?  
Q5002: Why LCD touch Whiteboard built computer can not connect WIFI?
A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, check the signal strength of the network environment, see the wireless router is working properly.
2, check the IP settings to see if you need to obtain IP automatically or manually set IP.
3, check WIFI antenna is loose.  
Display issues
A: Dear users, Hello, & ldquo; no signal & rdquo; means no signal input.
First, you use the remote control or the button to see if the computer channel, if the channel is not a computer, please select the channel to the computer. 其次,斷開電腦、TV 
End external devices and wiring, into the computer channel.
A: Dear users, Hello, please, after the computer appears intel channel with a remote control or an external keyboard or F7 key note view BIOS options.
Q6003: Why LCD touch Whiteboard channel built-in computer to boot into the operating system interface, and then repeatedly restart?
A: Dear users, Hello, please confirm whether the system poisoning:
1, anti-virus system into safe mode (only the more important for the client data can not be directly reinstall the system), or enter into safe mode
Perform data backup, and then reinstall the operating system.
2, if no special client for data backup needs, reinstall the operating system directly.
Product Inquiries
A: There are instructions supplied with the maintenance related information; our company has launched a 360 & deg; comprehensive maintenance services for professional maintenance, details of the consultation
Our service hotline at (02) 7730-2969.
Q7002: How to write software to use?
A: Dear users, Hello, computer systems which perform direct EasiNote, choose any of the stylus to write can be realized. You can view the menu bar inside help instructions.
Other issues
A: Dear users, Hello, this phenomenon is normal, due to the temperature difference between the inner and outer glass machine mist lead generation, generally 3-5 days can be turned on
to disappear, does not affect normal use.
Q8002: Why both sides of the device behind serious reflection in the classroom?  
A: Dear users, Hello, because the LCD screen is equivalent to mirror glass, will cause some reflection region, and on television at home, when the outside light was uneven
shown is the same. Optical is a normal phenomenon. You can close the doors and windows, draw the curtains temporary solution. Of course, you can also purchase our products glare.
Q8003: machine has three noes (indicator does not light, no sound, no light screen) failure how to do?
A: ① Check if the power cord is connected; ② power cord socket supply is normal; ③ whether to adjust the machine's power switch to the correct position


Q8001: Why is there mist on the LCD touch screen glass whiteboard?
Q7001: product maintenance, maintenance can be carried out if the training?
Q6001: Why LCD touch Whiteboard will appear & ldquo; no signal & rdquo ;?
Q5001: Why LCD touch Whiteboard built PC WIFI signal weaker than normal signal many?
Q4001: Why LCD touch Whiteboard external speakers murmur?
Q3001: Why can not touch LCD touch whiteboard double-click?
Q2001: Why LCD touch whiteboard writing pen drawing a line break?


Q1011: Why LCD touch Whiteboard power indicator red light, the light can not turn green (blue light)?


A: Dear users, Hello, make sure:
1, power cord socket voltage and the ground properly.



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